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Dashboard vs Coupon Manager



Options for Trainers to Get Users to the Inventory

Infographics Show Functions of Coupon Manager and Dashboard


In training with the online version of Style Matters there's a key question in getting started: How to get your learners to the inventory?

Self-payment by user.  If you intend for your learners to purchase their own access to Style Matters Online, simply give them this link to the online version for Individual Users. Ask them to purchase the inventory (if you are a teacher, contact us for a coupon code to bring their price down to $14), take it at their leisure, print out a copy of the score report, and bring it to your training session.   If no group training session is planned, they can use the online tutorial.

Pre-payment by trainer.  If you want to give users pre-paid access to Style Matters, you have three options:  Dashboard, Coupon Access, or Anonymous User Access.  See brief descriptions of these below.  These provide the inventory at a significantly reduced per-user price.  

  • Coupon Access. Choose Coupons if your priority is quick and easy setup.   See the first infographic below for details.  You send out an email from your email browser with instructions and the access code to your users.  Users take it from there and show up in your workshop with score report in hand. Unless you request otherwise, by default you will receive an emailed copy of score reports as your users take the inventory.  Your only time requirement as trainer in getting your users to the inventory is editing the email text you send them them.  (We provide a suggested text with full instructions.) You can monitor use through an online tracker that shows who and how many have taken the inventory.  Coupon code access is included with the purchase price for both Academic and Premium level trainers.  
            60 second video shows how to use Coupon Manager to monitor coupon use.
    Login to Coupon Manager.

  • Dashboard.  Choose Dashboard if your priority is ability to manage user experience.    See the second infographic below for a depiction of the dashboard. You can see all your users on the dashboard and delay delivery of the score report to users, view score reports, print, and email them; monitor who has taken and not taken the inventory, send reminder notes with a single click, create aggregated score reports for a group, etc.  The Dashboard emails users a link with their login info encrypted into it, so they land in the inventory with a single click of the link in their email, without having to login.   Whereas Coupon Code access takes users 10-20 seconds, login for your dashboard users is instantaneous.

    Unlike the Coupon Manager, the Dashboard requires you to input user names and emails into the dashboard (manually one at a time or in bulk via file upload).   Expect to invest 20-30 seconds per user in setting up and managing the dashboard.

    The Dashboard is included with purchase price for Premium level trainers.  For Academic and NGO level trainers, it is $2 additional per user.

  • Anonymous User Access.  Use this if you work in an environment where user security is a high concern and it is important that users leave no identifiable data behind.  With this access, they interact anonymously with our server and they must print out their score report immediately as no traceable records exist during or after their session.   

For Premium level purchasers, all the above options are available at no extra cost.  See the Order page for details of pricing.


Coupon Code Access